The Center for Economic & Policy Development, Inc.

The Center for Economic & Policy Development, Inc. (The Center) is not-for-profit organization that was created to help communities generate jobs, retain existing jobs, and stimulate industrial and commercial growth and the building of durable regional economies throughout the United States. The Center builds upon two key economic drivers: innovation and cross continental collaboration. Innovation is the key to global competitiveness, new and better jobs, a resilient economy, and the attainment of national economic goals. The Center will play a critical role in fostering regional economic development efforts in communities across the nation.

Guided by the basic principle that communities must be empowered to develop and implement their own economic development and revitalization strategies, The Center works directly with communities, workforce agencies, local economic development officials, political leaders and members of the academic community through a bottom-up approach. This collaboration results in innovations that are well defined, timely, and linked to a long-term sustainable economic development strategy.

The Center’s programs and structure enable nimble operations and establishes the foundation for innovation and responsiveness to changing economic needs and conditions faced by its local and state government partners. The organization’s economic development vision is wide and its talent pool is extensive—it includes tools from technical assistance, post-disaster recovery assistance, trade adjustment support, strategic planning to research and evaluation capacity, thereby allowing the organization to offer the most comprehensive approach to helping communities succeed in this economy.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

What began as one man’s vision to ignite and enhance the world around him has now grown into The Center in which we are committed to enhancing and improving the world around us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality assistance to communities locally, nationally, and internationally. This includes economic development assistance as well as the advancement of public policy initiatives that can improve the economic well-being of citizens across the country.

Our Purpose

It is our fundamental belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to live the life that they desire. It is our job to see that our initiatives and projects advance the lives of others. It is our purpose to be the driving force behind the development of American InfrastructureAgricultureEconomic DevelopmentGreen EnergyClimate Change, and Public Health. These issues are paramount and we are dedicated to making improvement within these sectors.


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