Got Questions?

The Center for Economic and Policy Development, Inc. is committed to developing our society. With the help is dedicated statesmen, social engineers, community developments specialist and concerned citizens, we will be the light of the world one community at a time.

1Can The Center help our community create a Community Development Corporation?

Yes. The Center specializes in non profit and for profit development. The center will become your partner in the creation and governance of your CDC to ensure that it is sustainable.

2Can the Center help my organization with its policy development plans?

Yes, The Center is committed to assisting communities with developing growth initiatives and public policy through our mission. We will become your partner in establishing policy plans and ensure that they are viable.

3Does the Center work with high schools and universities?

Yes, we welcome high school students and Universities. As part of our mission, it is our goal to establish and foster partnerships within the educational community, policy makers, and organizations that support growth.

4Can the organization oversee third party economic development projects?

Yes, The Center can oversee third party economic development projects. We encourage economic growth and would love to be your partner in an economic development project. It is our commitment to ensure the highest quality assistance.

5Is The Center looking for qualified and experienced economic development & policy professionals?

Yes, The Center is always looking to bring on qualified and experienced professionals in the fields of economic development and policy.

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