We are committed to healthy living through the outdoors as well as mentoring. Through our program, we are able to teach children that outdoor activities, such as nature walks, scuba diving, skiing, or rock climbing can be fun and inclusive of a healthy lifestyle. It is the goal of the Campaign to enable a new set of role models for children while they can also enjoy a beneficial outdoors lifestyle.

Through the Urban American Outdoor Campaign, we can provide an additional aspect of offering a healthy lifestyle and empowerment for children that is available, enjoyable, family-oriented, and economical, while at the same time providing a vehicle to make these valuable experiences available for television viewing.

Urban American Outdoors hosts the Annual Urban Outdoor Summit, which brings a core group of talented people together, who participate in the Outdoor Lifestyle from a variety of backgrounds, to share information that will help introduce all Americans, especially our children to the great outdoors. This is followed up by our annual fishing derby, walkathons, mountain hikes and a host of outdoor initiatives to jump start healthy living.

For nearly 20 years, we have advocated for the outdoor lifestyle which includes, conservation, sustainability, green living, healthy alternative foods, travel, wildlife, recreation, entertainment and generating images and stories of the outdoors and people that had never been seen before, along with the traditional stories. It is our mission to educate everyone about the health and wellness aspect of life in the outdoors.

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