We Must Once Again Come Together.

We Must Once Again Come Together.

As we face more division in this country, as a society, we must be diligent in our quest to seek opportunities to strengthen the areas that we are weak. We must remain careful not to allow bias or prejudicial mindsets to cloud our moral judgement. At every corner, we must find the threads that bind us to one another. It is that human connection that ties us together. Lets us not fall under, I say let us rise up together in  unity and become better than we were yesterday.

I know that its hard, I know that we sometimes don’t get the benefit of the doubt, that the doubt maybe all we get. I say press on anyway, because at any given point, one or two things are happening. Either you are being tested or your are being proved. Tested means that there is something that you have to work through in order to become better and or stronger. Proved means that you have to go through something so that whomever is watching you, is able to become better through your testimony.

At all times, God is forever present and allowing it all to take place. So let us not fail the tests of this life. Let us learn from every situation, ignite new thinking, renew our minds and take this time to become better than we were yesterday. How many of you are determined today that our tomorrow will be better than our yesterday. Will you stand with me and #ignite this awakening of new thinking to bring about real positive change in this country? I hope you do, because I need your help! I can not do this alone. It takes all of us.

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